Time to get
a longarm?

You’ve seen some at quilt shows… and you’ve tested a few…You have some space, but the choices can be dizzying…but now what?


Time for a

the next generation
in longarm quilting…

Choosing a longarm shouldn't be a challenge!

There are a myriad
of brands and features
to consider

But The Holy Grail
Is Stitch Quality

Introducing The Q'nique Longarm

In this digital ecommerce age,
where you can buy a car online
and Amazon sells neary everything,
can we really purchase a great longarm online?
Yes you can!
Let's review:
Stitch Quality...

We've Been Around...

Antique quilting system. The rollers moved the fabric front & back and side to side

Everyone has seen examples of beautiful hand quilting, from their Grandmothers and Aunties…but is hand or sewing machine quilting the best option for you? If so, Grace has been there for your family before, and is here now for the next generation!

The advent of mechanical sewing machines changed lives for many, and there is evidence of longarm systems even in the 1800’s. And in the late 70’s early 80’s, several old line firms like, Gammill, Nolting, A-1 etc., were experimenting with “stretching” sewing machines to take advantage of newer quilting trends. 

Then Laurel Barrus, a home quilting hobbiest, who redesigned a portable quilting frame, enlisted several local engineers, to help design & manufacture a new method to quilt, and Grace was there too!

Stitch Quality Is Not Subjective

Stitch quality is why we use any sewing system. Ease, speed & consistency is what we seek! Every major brand will give you a great consistent stitch, once you understand bobbin tension & have set correctly. The KEY to great stitching is 1st, using a quality thread, choosing the right weight for the bobbin & a comperable weight for the top stitch. And setting bobbin tension is easy with the Eclipse, once you understand the simple principles.

These are just a few samples of quilts finished on the Q’nique..

What's Unique About Q'nique?

With over 30 years of experience & tradition, the Grace company has featured products for the timeless art of quilting. Grace has been a major supplier of  hand quilting frames and has recently developed its own brand of quilting systems called Q’nique.
The Longarm Marine 
is proud to represent, sell & service these most affordable and accurate systems available nationwide!

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